The Google+ API – what to do with it?

Yesterday Google released a limited API for Google+. And they expect people to build apps with it, to give feedback. This is very good, but let’s see what you can do with the limited API. Well, nothing actually. You can get the user profile details and their own posts. You can’t get streams, you can’t get friends/circles. Yes, I know “this is just the beginning”, but I don’t find it very clever to release a useless piece of the API. Furthermore, it doesn’t conform to the spec – it claims that commenters are included in the response, but they are not. So you can’t even get who has replied.

You can, of course, think of some apps that use only the provided information. I already have ideas for three apps. But they are useless. I wonder if it’s worth investing time in some crappy app just because it will be the first on the market. Perhaps it is?



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