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Facebook vs Google+: current status

Posted on : 19-09-2011 | By : Bozho | In : Opinions


So, what happened in the past 3 months?
  • Google+ got lots of signups because of the hype
  • Facebook copied all the cool features of Google+:
    • circles - facebook had lists, but they improved the UI and made it more visible. Now you choose whether your posts are public, or you want to target them at specific list
    • counting shares - sharing existed in facebook, but it didn't count the number of shares. Now it does
    • subscribe - adds the non-reciprocal "friendship" concept from twitter and Google+.
    • video chat - only two people can participate though
  • Google are late with releasing their API - 3 months after the initial hype a rudimentary API appeared, but you can't do much.
So, the end result? Facebook has everything that Google+ has, in addition to its huge user base and its API (which is far from perfect, but exists). That doesn't mean users should not use Google+. But the majority won't. And facebook is obviously here to stay because it is adaptable.

Comments (3)

What if people simply get tired of Facebook and want something more niche-oriented?
Personally, FB is getting old and predictable even with the Google+-like features.

The whole purpose of facebook is “to stay connected”. And it does that in a decent way, mainly because “everybody is there”. So having a “very similar thing to facebook that has nobody” doesn’t sound enticing.

[…] they released a History API and Cool, they copied some of the remaining features of facebook, again. But I shouldn’t only flame them for copying things, I’d better suggest something. […]

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