CTRL+Enter is the natural shortcut for “Send” in case of multiline input fields. Stackoverflow, for example, supports that shortcut for publishing comments and answers. Some messengers do. But social networks don’t. Not a single one – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn – all of them require you to go and press the “post” / “tweet” / “share” button with your mouse. I wonder – hasn’t it ever occurred to them that it is a useful shortcut that at least some tech-savvy people will prefer? You would expect that programmers that work in these companies and use the services would actually think of this and implement it (it’s really simple).

Or is it just me thinking that CTRL+Enter should be supported by social networks?

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  1. I suppose it is because of the tons of people who would click Ctrl+Enter by mistake feeding even more shit. We have to be happy not to be forced to answer the question “Are you sure you want to share this?” (which is maybe a good idea against 10-20% of the spam).

    I don’t think a shortcut is needed as it is not normal to post many messages every day to hundreds of people.

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