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Twitter Just Stopped Resolving URLs Even in the Web Client

At least for me, all links are shown as Even in clients like mine that used to resolve them, based on the information provided by the API, it’s now (the actual URL is not provided). This probably means something has gone wrong temporarily, but it also shows that shortening all inserted URLs was …

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Redirect this!

Imagine the typical case when a user posts a link to twitter from some external app. Then the tweet gets sent to the user’s facebook account (via some account synchronization app). What happens when one of his friend clicks the link: Facebook alters the link with javascript and sends to… It does that for …

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I Don’t Want My Tweets To Be Short-Lived

Probably the original idea behind twitter was that people share random things that are relevant to the current moment only (or not relevant at all). And it is still a predominant use-case, but there are others. People generate funny phrases, share great videos and links that they just found. Things that will be relevant in …

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Is There A Decent Mobile Twitter Client?

I’m a really actice twitter user and I often check twitter from my smartphone. But I’ve realized that there isn’t any decent twitter client for mobile. Not one. Now, of course my criteria for “decent” are a bit high, but I expect it to have the following: getting notifications for new retweets (of me) and …

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Quora Lacks Gamification

Quora is a place to ask anything. And probably get answered. But who gives these answers? I tried – I have a couple of answers, but there is nothing that makes me return to the site and answer more questions. Quora lacks the game mechanics that has turned StackExchange into such a successful Q&A engine. …

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The Volatility Of “Likes”

Check my post at SocialMediaToday: The Volatility Of “Likes”

Send A Relevant Dilbert Strip To Your Boss

The Dilbert comics is just 2 years younger than me, which means there are thousands of strips. Most of them represent a mocked real-world situation, especially about big corporations and geeks. I have always wondered if managers read Dilbert. I bet they don’t, otherwise they’d say “oh, wait, this thing I’m doing was mocked by …

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Just Wondering: What If You Encrypt Your Uploads?

Megaupload was taken down for hosting pirated content, and knowing about that. How about that – uploaders upload encrypted content, and share the decryption key through another medium (skype, forums, facebook, etc.). That way the other medium is not infringing anything, and the hosting provider cannot possibly know what is being uploaded, and therefore can’t …

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When Is Really The Best Time To Tweet?

Many tools exist that tell you when are the best times to tweet. The analysis is usually based on the number of tweets sent by your followers, as an indication to when there are most people online. Tools that do that include tweriod, tweet o’clock, timely, etc. My service welshare shows you the currently tweeting …

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7 Educated Guesses About Social Networks in 2012

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