7 Little Known Ways To Become Immortal Superhero

They say you should write catchy titles to your blog posts in order to get clicks. And so people develop all kinds of recipes to do that. One of the most common approaches is “X [something great]”. “3 secrets to becoming famous on twitter”, “5 important advice for your social media campaign”, “7 ways to make your app popular”, and many more. It does not concern marketing only, I’ve seen technical articles with similar titles as well. But what’s the problem with that?

There is no problem per-se. If you know 7 ways to become a superhero that you think nobody else knows – then title your article like I did. But putting a snappy title to a crappy content is what happens in many cases (probably in the current one, too). Often there aren’t X distinct things in the post. They either overlap, or are not structured in lists. The thing is – I stopped opening these articles, because the content behind was usually nonsense. I seem to know most “secret” and “little known” methods.

So, please, when you decide to put the catchy title on your post, make sure it has the right structure and the right quality. Otherwise people will start ignoring your catchy titles.

P.S. Here are the “little known” ways promised by the title

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